Friday, August 17, 2012

As Summer 2012 Draws to a Close......

Greetings: Well, the kids in Indiana are back in school, our baby is about ready to drive herself back down to Texas to continue her studies, guess it's time to catch everyone up a bit on what's been happening here. I've spent more time than I care to admit searching for some of our co-workers. It's been a mixed bag, some truly exhilerating discoveries and some real disappointments. Guess the best thing to do is just let you see who has been located. Located and email address received Betsy Larson, Bette Bommer, Bill Schnelli, Bob Gundersen, Carol Duehne Dunne, Clay Reaser, Debbie Negro Gainor, Dennis Agis, Dew Walker Shonsey, Don Burggraf, Donna Shaw Perge, Ed Wiker, Eleanor Duehne Harrold, Eric Holk, George Kitz, Gerry Gengenbach, Gloria Pabon, Gordon Wright, Hector Maldonado, Helen Lundgren Newman, Janet Duehne, John Levett, John Shouse, Judy Elevick Reilly, Karen Duehne Aromando, Karen Kangas Repka, Kathy Miller Stange, Kay Brookshaw Aho, Kenny Duehne, Kristi Vaiden, Larry Rhodebeck, Lawrence Ancrum, Linda Larson DeLong, Linda Walters Turner, Lloyd Ellis, Marsha Nyberg, Martha Singer, Mary Jerard Kenny, Mary Simon, Mitchell Wright, Nancy Gundersen, Nelly Palumbo, Norma Hanauer Martin, Norma Olsen Levett, Pat Patersen Puchalski, Peter Gangsei, Phil Olsen, Ralph Midtlyng, Rene Wiker, Richard Duehne, Richard Midtlyng, Ruben Colon, Ruth Heins Phillips, Sarah Eileen, Sean Deneny, Sheila Berg McCurdy, Steve Perge, Tyrone Wims, Walter Haag, Warner Wims, and Jeanne Zammataro. Apparently receiving mail but no email address Becky Ludwig Gibbons, Dimples Beauchamp, Karla Supienko Edwards, Sandy Heverly Marin, Art Baddof, Nancy Parker, Merrily Szantor, Sandy Minkus, Colleen Myers, Michelle Fay Sussman, Patricia Mills, Sue Schuette LaLama,and Tom Murphy, Deceased Bill Coombs, Debbie Tyrrell, Jim Jacobson, Kathy Connelly Lillestolen, Kathy Kerr Belscher, Larry Monson, Mary Jo Vircks, and Ralph Palumbo. As you can see, I've been busy. There are still another half dozen or so that I have good leads on and hopefully, I'll be getting firm information on them soon. Enjoy the end of your summer, in little more than a year, it will be time for us to all gather for the reunion. Peace, Love "Big Jim" Lindsey

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ideas for a 2013 Reunion

Greetings: Recently, a number of people have expressed a desire to have another reunion. The camp director has, to date, been unable to confirm the availability of the camp for Labor Day weekend, 2013. I am seeking your thoughts concerning a different time and place. I would also like some idea if you might be interested in attending. Please email me at Peace, Love "Big Jim" Lindsey

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Remembering Ralph Palumbo

We Remember Ralph…

Rather than mourn, we should be thankful that God granted us the time we had with Ralph.

“I was lucky to have known Ralph. God used him to reach out to me from the first day we met at Herrlich and as we remained friends throughout the years that followed. God grant me the Grace to live as he did.”
CH(COL) Rubin & Carmen Colon, Columbus, Georgia

“God’s light did truly shine within Ralph and in turn illuminated all who were blessed to call him friend. He was special because his goodness was not only shared with family and friends but with all who crossed his path. Ralph lives in our hearts, memories, and in the warm glow of God’s love.”
Tyrone Wims, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

Just as God smiled on us, so did Ralph.

“He had a sense of humor. I will miss him”
Elly (Duehne) Harrold, Bronx, New York

“Although it has been more than 40 years, I still remember Ralph of the big smile, the big loud laugh.”
Rev. Gerry Gengenbach, Northfield, Minnesota

“He was a GREAT guy. He had such a positive attitude in spite of his many physical problems.”
Linda (Larson) DeLong, DuBois, Pennsylvania

“I spoke with him before the reunion. He sounded like his good old self from Herrlich days, so positive and upbeat. I’m sorry I couldn’t get to the reunion. I can still hear his laughter in my mind.”
Reverend Ralph Midtlyng, Granada Hills, California

“Ralph was just a great pleasure to have as a member of our Camp Staff. He was always smiling and happy and one of the most optimistic guys I have ever known. He loved the kids he worked with and they loved him. His positive attitude and strong Christian Faith added much to the camping experience of his cabin and to the benefit of our camp staff. It was good to see him at our camp staff reunion.”
Pastor Ed & Rene Wiker, Bridgeton, New Jersey

“I am glad I had the chance to talk to Ralph for quite a while at the reunion! He told me about his very challenging and painful health issues, yet he wanted to start doing more in the way of physical activities. His strong faith and courage touched my heart.”
Pat (Petersen) Puchalski, Gahanna, Ohio

“He did always have a little glint of mischief in his eye.”
Norma (Olsen) Levett, Indian Trail, North Carolina

“Here’s to Ralph Palumbo. Camp Herrlich kitchen worker, counselor and all-around roust-about. Let’s never forget that amazing laugh!”
George Kitz, Keene, New Hampshire

“I feel fortunate to have bathed in his smile and well wishes at the last reunion. What a wonderful spirit.”
Warner Wims, San Francisco, California

Ralph always listened to others, he cared and tried his best to help them.

“While I wasn’t able to attend the reunion, Ralph called me as plans were being made. He related his health was poor and this would be the last reunion (if there were anymore) for him. Now seems prophetic. So I have a sweet memory of his thoughtful call.”
Kay (Brookshaw) Aho, Bremerton, Washington

“My days at HERRLICH were truly the best days of my youth. I don’t remember much, but I do remember when I was about 10 years old, I had a huge crush on Walter Haag. Ralph and Hector somehow made arrangements for Walter to come to the Bronx and surprise me.”
Karen (Duehne) Aromando, New York, New York

“Ralph was an unforgettable presence from my summer at Herrlich. He was always friendly, kind, supportive and fun. Lots of good memories.
Marsha Nyberg, Hermann, Missouri

I’ll never forget the night back in 1968 when a rather large group of us ended up at a pizzeria on Main Street in Brewster. Not realizing that our evening’s activities would include this attitude adjustment session, when the waitress checked, Pat had no i.d. While several of us protested, Ralph quietly ordered two drinks and gave one to Pat. Unfortunately, the waitress noticed and refused to serve anyone at our table any more alcohol.

Once at the annual Lake Carmel Carnival, someone dropped a contact lens. So, the whole group of us started searching through the grass. From the ride he was on, Ralph asked what had happened. When we told him, he promptly pointed to the ground and said right there. We still couldn’t find it and figured he was trying to be funny. You can imagine our surprise when the ride ended and Ralph came over picked up the missing contact and handed it to the owner.
Jim Lindsey, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"I will never forget when Ralph visited Camp Herrlich in the summer and taught the campers the old "Herrlich Clap and Hand Shake."
Bob Gentile, Executive Director, Camp Herrlich

“His cabin’s 4th of July float of the Statue of Liberty! They made the platform out of long branches, then borrowed one of the girls from Sandy’s cabin to ride on top and carry the torch! It was classic Ralph – Big, bright and a bit dangerous.

The other picture is from Water Carnival, 1968, between the Booms and the Ribets! As I remember it, Ralph was a Boomer!”
Reverend Gerry Gengenbach, Northfield, Minnesota

“Ralph was a fun-loving guy – I will never forget his camp carnival rides (I am surprised they actually worked and no one got hurt!!!)”
Karen (Kangas) Repka, East Windsor, New Jersey

“I remember Ralph and Hector doing the Herrlich Chant. Ralph would start running around the room while we chanted, ‘Herrl…” he would then pass off to Hector who would run out of the Dining Hall through one door and enter through a door on the opposite side of the room, just as we were about to run out of breath, and throw his fist up for us to finish the, “ich. “
Karen (Duehne) Aromando, New York, New York

“We here in the Bronx were lucky enough to attend many of the coffee houses he so enthusiastically hosted at Village Lutheran Church in Bronxville.”
Elly (Duehne) Harrold, Bronx, New York

I still remember…
…..Ralph always being covered in Calamine Lotion to treat his poison ivy.
…..finding “Ralph J, Palumbo Square” in Boston. Honestly, that’s the name of an intersection. We had never imagined how famous Ralph was.
…..the many late night hours the War Council spent during 1968 and 1969 burying wire to bug the girl’s unit cabin.
…..the time Anita Maleeta and company put dyed shaving cream on Ralph’s car. For the rest of the summer, his tan car had a pink hue, just like Ralph with his Calamine Lotion.
… Ralph encouraged Nicky DiLousa with his singing and Roland Heike with his magic shows.
…..Ralph setting up the BB rifle range in the basement of the infirmary and hunting each other with the BB guns.
…..Ralph’s important part in the famous “Alien Attack” at the old director’s cabin.
……everybody partying well into the night at the Palumbo family’s summer home.
…..Ralph surprising everyone with his skills as a makeup artist in NYC the night after the Christmas, 1969 reunion.
Jim Lindsey, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Love is stronger than death even though it can’t stop death from happening, but no matter how hard it tries it can’t separate people from love. It can’t take away our memories. In the end, life is stronger than death.

“Blessings and prayers to his family, and all of you, my old and dear friends, as we mourn together and carry out our missions in this world.
Judy (Elevick) Reilly, Westminster, Maryland

“I am glad I got to see him at the last reunion..he will be missed by all who knew him. My prayers to his family.
Karen (Kangas) Repka, East Windsor, New Jersey

“He was an extremely religious man, who put every effort into sharing what he knew of his Lord with others.”
Elly (Duehne) Harrold, Bronx, New York

“I am very sorry to hear of his death. God’s comfort and peace to his family and friends.”
Reverend Gerry Gengenbach, Northfield, Minnesota

“I’m so glad I got to see him one more time at the reunion and will look forward to seeing him again in heaven one fine day.”
Linda (Larson) DeLong, DuBois, Pennsylvania

“I am so sorry to hear it. I’m so glad I got to see him at our reunion. God’s peace to Ralph’s family”
Norma (Olsen) Levett, Indian Trail, North Carolina

“Ralph lives on in our hearts, memories, and in the warm glow of God’s love. I will keep his family in my prayers.”
Tyrone Wims, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

“I hope and pray I’ll hear his laughter again when I go where he has gone.”
Reverend Ralph Midtlyng, Granada Hills, California

“There is no doubt in my mind that now Ralph is laughing, jogging/running and sharing his great sense of humor with those who have passed before him. I can hear his voice saying, “Hey, Pat, look what I can do NOW!” Yes, we will pray for his family and trust in God’s infinite wisdom.”
Pat )Petersen) Puchalski, Gahanna, Ohio

“He will always be a part of our history and never forgotten. We will keep him in our prayers at chapel this summer. May he be at peace.
Bob Gentile, Executive Director, Camp Herrlich

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Camp Herrlich Reunion, +16 days


Above you will find the photos that I got of those attending the reunion. There are two photos because somehow or other no one noticed that the entire Duehne delegation was not present when the group shot was being taken. We are attempting to edit these so that everyone will appear in one picture.

Top Photo
Front row: Karen Duehne Aromando, Sarah Harrold, and Kenny Duehne
Back row: Debbie Negro Gainor, Ellie Duehne Harrold, and Carol Duehne

Bottom Photo
Front row: Tyrone Wims, Ruth Heins Phillips, Barbara Clausen, Louis Clausen, Norma Olsen Levett, and Rene Wiker
Middle row: Warner Wims, Judy Elevick Reilly, Ruben Colon, Karen Kangas Repka, Steve Perge, and Nancy Gundersen
Back row: Linda Larson DeLong, Jim Lindsey, Pastor Ed Wiker, Gloria Pabon, Bob Gundersen, Phil Olsen, and Ralph Palumbo

Missing: Pat Petersen Puchalski and Hector Maldonado

Friday, September 5, 2008

Herrlich Reunion, +4 days


Our reunion has come and gone. And, I for one, believe that it was definitely well worth all of the time and effort that went into it. It still amazes me that I actually got the opportunity to spend time with so many people that mean so much to me. I truly feel sorry for those who were unable to attend. I am indebted to each and every one of you who sacrificed the time and expense to make the trip. You all contributed in making the reunion a truly memorable weekend.

The reunion reminded me of something that Henry Ford once said, "Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress but working together is success." It was clear that our successes working together created a bond among us that the years could not change. Almost forty years later, it was like we had never been apart. The years may have changed our bodies but, our love for one another clearly lives on. Must be that old Herrlich Spirit. It was really refreshing to see that the present camp staff is carrying on the same Spirit.

Our reunion attendees were:
Chaplin Colonel Ruben Colon, 1967-70, from Maryland
Linda Larsen DeLong, 1969, and husband, Tom, from Pennsylvania
Carol Duehne Dunn, camper 1966-71, from New Jersey
Eleanor Duehne Harrold, camper 1965-7, staff 1970-3, and daughter, Stacy, New York
Karen Duehne Aromando, camper 1966-70, staff 1971-5, from New York
Kenny Duehne, camper 1968-72
Debbie Negro Gainor, 1971, from Louisiana
Bob Gundersen, Camp Director 1970-1, and wife, Nancy, from New York
Norma Olsen Levett, 1968 from North Carolina
Phil Olsen, 1970-2, from Maryland
Gloria Pabon, 1969-70, and husband, Elmer Santiago, from New York
Ralph Palumbo, 1965, 1967-70, and wife, Nellie, from New York
Steve Perge, 1969-72, from New York
Ruth Heins Phillips, 1970, and husband, Alan, from Connecticutt
Pat Petersen Puchalski, 1968-9, from Ohio
Judy Elevick Reilly, 1967-69, from Maryland
Karen Kangas Repka, 1968-70, and husband, Charles, from New Jersey
Pastor Ed Wiker, Camp Director 1962, 1967-9, and wife, Rene, from New Jersey
Tyrone Wims, 1968-70, from Pennsylvania
Warner Wims, 1968, from California
Hector Maldonado, 1967-72(?), from Ohio
Louis Clausen, 1962, and wife, Barbara, from New York
Jim Lindsey, 1968-71, from Indiana

I am confident that I can say on behalf of all the attendees, a big thank you to Bob Gentile for all that he did to make our reunion the success that it was. Not only did he provided the use of the camp free of charge, but he went out of his way to help us at every turn and he made sure that everything went smoothly. Then, there was the food. I can honestly say that through the years I have been to a lot of camps but, none of them ever served better food.

I want you all to be aware that the camp is in dire need of our financial assistance. There are two major projects that must be addressed so that the camp can continue it's mission. The lake is in need of an immediate dredging and the dining hall has deteriorated to the point where it desparately needs to be replaced. I would ask that you seriously consider making a contribution. Every dollar counts. The LSS and the churches can no longer be counted on to provide the necessary funding. Let's make sure that the Camp Herrlich experience can continue to brighten the lives of as many children as possible. Please give what you can.

Peace, Love,

Big Jim

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Camp Herrlich Reunion, -6 days


Well, we've finally made it to the last week before the reunion! Less than a week to go! This sure has been a long time coming! This will probably be my last post before the reunion. Our nation's current economic situation has wrecked havoc on the auto industry. Thankfully, General Motors has seen fit to lay us off for the upcoming week, allowing me the opportunity to drive down to North Carolina to visit my parents and take care of some of their business matters before heading to the reunion. Since I have not yet been able to bring myself to make a decision on which laptop to purchase, I will be pretty much offline once I leave home on Monday. So, if you have any last minute questions for me, please get them to me right away. If you must reach me after Monday, my cell phone number is: 405-413-1634. Please bear with me on this, I'm an old guy and new to cells, I have some real issues attempting to retreive messages and I just don't understand texting. So if you don't actually get to talk to me, your best bet is to call back.

At this point, we have eight people meeting for the pre-reunion dinner at the McCarthy Family Eatery located at 347 Route 52 in Carmel. It's right across the road from the old lumber yard. I suggest using one of the computer mapping services to get driving directions. If all else fails, their phone number is 845-225-6012. There's plenty of room if anyone else would like to join us. Oh, before I forget, I'm planning on arriving early, about 5pm so that those who need to can still get over to the camp and get settled before dark.

I am happy to announce that Pastor Wiker has agreed to lead our Sunday service up at the Chapel, weather permitting.

I trust that I don't need to tell anyone what they need to bring for a weekend at camp but, I must say, don't forget your flashlight. And, please bring your Herrlich pictures. If you have a recent photo for the memory book bring it along.

To those of you who are not attending the reunion, you will be missed and I guarantee that you will be in our thoughts. If your situation has changed and you can get there, please do so. I can assure you that no one will be upset. Otherwise, expect to hear from me in post-reunion blogs and as we work on putting together the memory book.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped make this reunion a success. That goes for those who helped plan, as well as, those who asked the tough questions that helped us cover all the stuff we might have missed otherwise. I'm really looking forward to seeing all of you. Please forgive me if I forget to thank you in person.

Please drive safely and I'll see you all next weekend!

Peace, Love,

Big Jim

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Camp Herrlich Reunion, -15 Days


Just two more weeks, gee, the tensions starting to build. From all indications, we should have a pretty nice event. Sadly, most folks can't spend the whole weekend, but, after forty years, an awful lot of folks have apparently decided to make the effort to at least put in an appearance. In case I don't get to you at the reunion, let me take a moment to thank each and every single one of you who has taken the time to help make this a success. I can't wait! Judy, Norma Olsen Levettt, Tyrone and I are planning to get together up near the camp for a pre-reunion dinner on Friday. If you'd like to join us, drop me an email. Ruben can only make it for Saturday. Hector and Pat Petersen Puchalski will be flying in together for Saturday and Sunday. Karen Kangas Repka and her hubby will be joining us on Saturday. The Duehne delegation, seven strong will becoming in on Saturday. It looks like if you can only spare one day at the reunion, you probably want to make it Saturday.

Those staying at the camp will be bunking in cabins in the Girl's Unit. That's what we all remember as the Boy's Unit, the one nearest to the lake. A number of you have voiced concerns about using the outhouses down in the units. Let me assure you that they are not the same ones we had forty years ago. The rest rooms at the dining hall are still around so, if you don't want to rough it, you can just climb the hill and go in comfort.

The issue of alcoholic beverages has been addressed. We will be able to serve beer and wine. However, this will be very strictly monitered. We're all getting a bit too old to be tying one on. A glass or two of wine most of us can still handle. Consider this as an opportunity for some mood adjustment not an old fashioned attitude adjustment. There will be limitations, every car leaving the grounds will need to have a sober designated driver. This must be handled in a responsible adult manner so that everyone can enjoy themselves and no one ends up getting hurt or in any kind of trouble.

As I think back tothe 1992 reunion, I recall that it was a rather damp and chilly weekend. You'll probably be well advised to pack a sweater, sweatshirt or light jacket at the very least. And, it can always rain, so don't forget some sort of raingear.

Several people have, in my opinion, been going a bit far in praising me for putting this reunion together. While everyone enjoys a pat on the back, I want to explain just how we came to be having this reunion. Through the years I have pretty much stayed in touch with several of you. Tyrone and I both lost touch with Ralph Palumbo for a few years. Then out of the blue Ralph contacted Tyrone, I called him and we spoke for quite some time. In case you are not aware of it, Ralph has faced a number of serious health issues through the years. After talking to him, I got to thinking about Kathy Connelly Lillestollen(1969, 1971), many of you will remember her as "Spot". Over the years, our paths crossed a number of times. Aside from Herrlich, her best friend in college was a young lady that I was dating and had taken to my prom, then she married the son of the pastor of a church in my neighborhood. So, we had ended up running into each other periodically until I moved off to Oklahoma in the mid-70's. I lost track of her until I started looking for people for the 1992 reunion. I found out that her family had relocated to Nashville but, they were off living in Sweden at the time so, she missed the reunion. Well, I set out to locate her and soon discovered that she had passed away. In discussing her death and our own frailty and mortality with Ralph Palumbo and Tyrone Wims, the thought arose that if we were ever to have another Herrlich reunion, we had better do it very soon. Clearly, if Kathy had not passed away, we would not be having this reunion. Out of a tragedy, we are rediscovering each other and the joys we once shared. I really don't remember which one of us brought up the idea of having the reunion first. Guess that's not really important, but I want you all to understand that this was a group venture not a solo act by me as so many of you seem to think. So, when we all get to the reunion, please thank Ralph and Tyrone because if they hadn't helped get it all started and then continued to help and push me along the way, there's just no way we'd all have gotten back together.

If you haven't told me when you'll be at the reunion, please do so as soon as possible.


Peace, Love,

Big Jim